Stationary Concrete Batching Plants

The long experience of PROTEM’s highly specialized staff allows us, by studying the available plot size of our potential customer and his production requirements, to offer a turn-key solution of Ready-Mix Concrete Batching Plant. PROTEM’s batching plants are characterized by:

  • Ergonomic design adjusted to the available space of the client.
  • Guaranteed actual production capability rather than theoretical.
  • Certified steel constructions and high quality OEM parts which are integrated to our Batching Plants.
  • Safety measures against workplace accidents
  • Secured production quality in conformity with all the requirements of the European Directive EN-206. All our plants are also CE marked
Why should I get a Batching Plant by PROTEM?

Since 2002 PROTEM designs and manufactures Batching Plants and and individual mechanical equipment for the Ready-mix Concrete industry. We started this activity because many of our customers were looking for a turnkey solution from us.

We are not a batching plant mass-production company! The audience we always targeted is experienced customers. Those who can recognize the added value that is contained in every part of our construction. Those who are looking for and can measure the value for money of each of our proposals.

We have 3 departments and we operate like a 3-in-1 company, with an absolute specialization in the building materials industry. Our automation, IT and mechanical engineers work together to achieve a common goal that is to satisfy our customers and solve their problems.


  • Designing only 3D drawings with the most up-to-date CAD-CAM tools, we give our customers a new way to easily understand our ideas and to know exactly what they will get from us, should we cooperate.
  • In each of our proposals we take into consideration the available plot area and propose the optimal and most ergonomic layout.
  • We foresee the internal traffic of vehicles, access to the weighbridge, the space for raw materials stock, etc.
  • We integrate our industry leading automation and software to ensure our customers have the lowest operating and maintenance costs.


  • PROTEM designs and manufactures stationary concrete batching plants with a capacity of 40 to 200 m³ / h with various configurations and choice of mixer brand.
  • Look some of the available options on the table below. These are by any means not mandatory since we are ready to discuss any special needs you may have, adapting our constructions as deemed

Models & Specifications

Model PR-







Theoretical Production capacity m3/h







Mixer capacity (vibrated m3 concrete/batch)







No Aggregates storage bins 

Single Feed Opening / Bin 

3 to 5 

4 to 6  

5 to 6  

Double Feed Opening / Bin 

4 to 5

4 to 6

5 to 6 

Aggegates scale discharging 

Lateral (1 Belt)




Central (2 Belts)


Aggregates to mixer  

by Skip


by conveyor belt

with prehopper above mixer

Optional on Conveyor Belt 

Water measuring  

by water meter

by water scale

by scale with recycled water dept


Additives measuring 

by time


by scale

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Do you have a special project and are looking for suitable partners to implement it? We are open to new opportunities...

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