Moisture Analyzers

Moisture analyzers are used for quick and precise determination of material humidity upon the basis of weight loss during drying of its small sample (thermo-gravimetrical method).

Halogen radiators ensure effective and fast sample drying, while a high accuracy load cell constantly calculates the weight difference between humid and dry sample. As a result the moisture analyzer calculates the final percentage of humidity for a material sample.

Time, temperature and drying profile (course) can be adapted to the examined material features. To simplify drying parameters choice, initial drying can be done with graph result.

The RS232C connection allows connection to a printer or a computer in order to print receipts, reports or further processing weighing results.



ATS60 / ATS120 / ATS210

Sample capacity (max)

60 / 120 / 210 gr

Reading unit

1 mg

Humidity readout precision

0.01% (sample >5 gr)

0.1% (sample between 0.5-5 gr)

1% (sample between 0.02-0.5 gr)

Humidity measurement repeatability

+/- 0,1% (sample 2g)

+/- 0,04% (sample 5g)

Working temperature

+18 – 33 0C

Drying temperature

< 160 0C

Sampling time


Max drying time

10 h

Chamber heating time up to 100 0C

~3 min

Weighing time

< 8s

Weight chamber dimensions

Ø 108 x 20mm

Pan size

Ø 90 mm

Device weight

3,9 Kg

Power supply

~230V 50Hz 130VA


  • Halogen radiators
  • Graphical display and text menu
  • Drying chart displaying
  • 4 different drying profiles
  • Communicates with a PC or Printer via USB, RS232C and PS2 interface
  • 20 drying settings memory

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