Vehicles & Machinery Preemptive Maintenance

SiteManager PM: Preventive maintenance tracking and recalls

Managing the maintenance of a fleet is an overwhelming and difficult task. Maintenance is all about having the correct information when you need it, otherwise, it is neglected, and sooner or later, you will have to deal with breakdowns, missed PM services, increased liability and risk, and lack of accountability. The efficient operation of a vehicle & machinery fleet is mainly based on the reduced frequency of malfunctions, and by extend to the reduced service and idle costs. In short, you’ll spend more resources repairing your equipment than having them work for you.

Managing a fleet of vehicles is indeed an overwhelming task, but you’re not alone. SiteManager’s PM will not only work for you, but it will also be an essential tool to ensure your success. This module allows you to create your own preemptive maintenance plans, based on facts such as the engine operation hours and the Kilometers automatically recorded by the system.

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Access Control in Plants & Buildings

SiteManager ZoneGuard: Yard and building access control

Controlling and tracking access to your yards and buildings has never been easier. Whether you operate a fleet yard, a private fueling site, a snow removal dump site, stock rooms or any other location where access must be restricted and monitored, ZoneGuard provides you with critical control and decision making information.

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Vehicular Data Capture

SiteManager DataZone Vehicular data

Picture this: Error free vehicular data is captured transparently as your vehicles drive by, and is automatically stored to the SiteManager.NET central database. The data are then used for generates preventive maintenance planning and performance reports. That’s what DataZone is about: vehicle data that updates itself. What a great value for such a small investment!

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Fuel Inventory Module

Proper fuel inventory management is an absolute must when it comes to minimizing quantities unaccounted for. SiteManager.NET’s Inventory module makes the entire process easy and accurate, leaps and bounds beyond any manual method. Reconciliation reports, period closures, and fuel costing are a breeze, thanks to the sophisticated yet easy to use Inventory module.

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Fuel Distribution Module

The Fuel Distribution Module of SiteManager.NET is the heart and soul of the FuelZone system. It enables you to centrally monitor and manage all fleet fueling operations at all sites from any workstation using only a web browser. Crucial tasks such as adding vehicles and users, modifying fueling privileges, and generating transaction reports are all accomplished through the web-enabled SiteManager.NET’s Fuel Distribution module. Accessing critical fueling transaction data has never been easier.

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The SiteManager.NET is Coencorp’s crown jewel. It is a web application, installed once on a web server and accessible from anywhere, allowing central management of multiple sites even in distant areas.

Client applications on individual work stations are not required. All you need to access real-time fueling, vehicular data, and maintenance related reports and work orders is a web browser, available on any standard PC.

Using and browsing the SiteManager.NET is as simple and easy as browsing the internet. SiteManager.NET is highly advanced, very user friendly, and modular, resulting in a real-time fleet management system tailored to your specific needs. Your other third party systems will also be put to good use.

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