Stationary Concrete Batching Plants

The long experience of PROTEM’s highly specialized staff allows us, by studying the available plot size of our potential customer and his production requirements, to offer a turn-key solution of Ready-Mix Concrete Batching Plant. PROTEM’s batching plants are characterized by:

  • Ergonomic design adjusted to the available space of the client.
  • Guaranteed actual production capability rather than theoretical.
  • Certified steel constructions and high quality OEM parts which are integrated to our Batching Plants.
  • Safety measures against workplace accidents
  • Secured production quality in conformity with all the requirements of the European Directive EN-206. All our plants are also CE marked
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Containerized Type Concrete Batching Plants

They are the most ergonomic and easily transportable batching plants made by PROTEM, offering one of the highest productivity and aggregates storage capacities in the market.

Each plant is delivered in 5 container sized modules, transported in the same way as standard containers minimizing all other costs incurred by the buyer such as transportation, storage, civil works, installation etc.

Available in two mixer and aggregates skip versions, resulting in two different production capacities.

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Mobile Concrete Batching Plant PR-M 50

The PR-M 50 mobile concrete plant has been designed and manufactured by PROTEM to cover mainly the construction companies in the production of high quality concrete in remote areas where the concrete is required to be done on site.

It is a unique autonomous machine that includes all the necessary components, except the cement silos, for a trouble free quality concrete production.

The whole plant is mounted on a trailer that makes it fully mobile and easily transportable with a tractor without the need for a special transport license. It moves on European and international roads like all approved mobile Construction machines.

Production can start within limited time after arriving at the final destination site, provided that row materials and power is available.

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BLEND Mobile Ready-Mix Concrete & Cold Asphalt Plants

PROTEM has in the Greek market the mobile concrete, mortar and cold asphalt plants of company BLEND, distinguished for their innovative design and for some unique advantages:

  • Blend plants can be used like batching plants as well as in every work conditions thanks to its production versatility: The machine can be moved loaded with raw materials into the project that allows to produce up to 10m3 of finished product.
  • The raw materials are stocked in separate compartments and the percentage of each one can be decided during the discharge. Thus you can produce concretes, mortars, cementitious mixtures, cold asphalt and stabilized soil.
  • They are energy-autonomous powered by integrated diesel engine.
  • Production can begin immediately after the truck arrives on site, without the need for any preparation.
  • The machine is placed on a lorry's platform or stably mounted on its own base.
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Get what you expect!

What should you expect from your batching plant? Productivity? Durability? Quality in design & manufacturing? All these goals are ideally met with PROTEM. Stationary, Easy Transportable and Full Mobile Plants can be offered according to the analysis of the customer's needs.

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