Fluidization Pads

To aid the flow of materials

The Fluidization pads for powders are used in concrete batching plants as a preventive measure. A variety of materials will show perfect mass flow as soon as certain amount of air is added at regular intervals during discharging of the bin or silo. The air enriched material gains desired flowability. At the same time, possible tendencies of the product to bridge, rat-hole, go lumpy or deposit are prevented.

They are mounted on storage silos or weigh or feed hoppers, as well as fluidizers for dry bulk trailers. Their installation is very easy both in existing and in new silos.

Bin Aerators are a low-cost solution that ensures continuous flow of material without any problems through silos, bins or hoppers. They can be easily installed in existing silos or hoppers and are suitable for a variety of fine powder materials such as cement.

More sophisticated applications with alternately fed multiple rows of aeration nozzles can be used in lime storage and dosing facilities in which fluidization is used not only when discharging the silo but also to keep material in motion during extended storage periods.

Depending on the type of nozzle, they are installed either inside the silo or face with its walls. Their operating pressure is 2 to 6 bar while the air consumption depends on the pressure.


The OLI VB Series Vibrating Nozzles are the ideal solution for gain the flowability of cement during discharging. They offer, in addition of providing air in to the material at a pressure of up to 6 bar, a small vibration on the walls of the silo.

Their design is such that it makes it impossible to damage the silo walls. There is also no need to install a non-return valve due to the fact that the air pressure in the range of 2 to 6 bar does not allow the material to penetrate behind the silicone-made vibrating surface.

  • They are robustly designed, durable and self-cleaning.
  • It is also suitable for materials in the form of granules other than powder materials.
  • Air pressure distributed per nozzle: Floating 2 to 6 bar
  • Air consumption: 2 bar> 800 l / min, 4 bar> 950 l / min, 6 bar> 1150 l / min
  • Operating temperature: -40° έως +170°

For the proper and safe operation of the VBS, care must be taken to ensure that the air supply is adequate as well as the evacuation of the silo, as the air supplied must be relieved to the top of the silo.

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