Certified Portable Weighing System

The WIM-P10 portable weighing system is the right alternative for fast axle and gross Weighing-in-Motion of loaded trucks and vehicles. Two lightweight and reliable weighing platforms act as the system’s key component and combine the reliability of strain gauges with high portability.

The weighing capacity is 20 Tons/Axle for an unlimited number of axles weighed. The accuracy when Weighing-in-Motion (when the vehicle is driven over the weighing platforms) is 2%, which is particularly satisfying. It is however greatly increased in static weighing (when the vehicle stops moving and each axle is weighted on the platforms individually).

The system is the ideal portable and certified solution for weighing all types of vehicles in any road site. It can therefore be used for the basic pre-selection of potentially overloaded vehicles (WiM mode) and then for certified weighing (Static mode) in order to achieve maximum accuracy.

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Axle Weighing

The particular system's intended use is for weighing trucks and trailers with many axles as well as double and/or wide tires. Available with equipment for both static and dynamic weighing (as the truck passes over the platforms without stopping) with speeds of up to 5km/h.

It is one of the most lightweight system available on the market with platforms of such big sizes (1000mm L X 500mm W X 20,5mm H) which also have the lowest height of just 2cm. It is very light, simple to install & use and ideal for areas where access is limited. The system also includes interlocking leveling track on each side of the platforms to improve precision especially in weighing vehicles with more than two axles.

Τo improve precision remarkably by interlocking leveling track.

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