Betolink® Weighing Station


The Betolink® Weighing Station software interfaces with the weighbridge and records the weights of the incoming and outgoing products and raw materials. Instead of weighing the vehicles using the common controller that all weighbridges are equipped with, the operator does the same work through our software and simultaneously registers the rest of the delivery data (supplier, species, weight recorded on the delivery note, etc.).

This way, valuable time is saved from double-registrations and numerous mistakes are avoided. It can also function as an independent application but is primarily intended to operate in a direct connection with the production management software Betolink® Pro and the accounting software Betolink® Enterprise.

Betolink® Weighing Station is a weighing and computing system with extensive data collection, extraction, and processing functions. It is especially designed to help ready mix companies to manage and track the critical information created at the time of weighing.

Receiving raw materials from different suppliers on a plant is a uninterrupted daily process that involves a lot of man-hours to finish the related paperwork. Protem strongly believes that integrating the weighbridge with the inventory, production and accounting processes helps in making life easier for the staff while also increases productivity and reduce or eliminates errors. Hand-written transactions and non-uniform IT infrastructure are inaccurate and unsafe.


  • Can connect to any weighbridge indicator regardless of the make or brand, as long as it has a serial port and an open communication protocol.
  • Supports single weighment with stored tare and double weighment with first weight.
  • Shortcut keys, stored vehicle tares and features such as instant recall of suppliers and products, all makes it user-friendly and accelerate data entry time.
  • Supports single screen operation as well as retrieves data from the production through the Betolink ® Pro software. Every outgoing mixer truck is displayed and can be easily weighed with one-click on the weighbridge software. Its net weight is automatically stored in the relevant Delivery note and can be compared to the weight recorded by the plant’s automation. This way accuracy problems that may arise from the batching plant’s scales are traced very quickly.
  • Incoming mixer trucks having leftover concrete quantities are weighed on the weighbridge and their net weights are on-line displayed on plant’s operator screen. This way the business exactly knows the returned quantities, which is especially useful in cases where using it for other customers is allowed.
  • Weighing purchase orders of raw materials and at the same time registering supplier’s information, reduce a lot of daily work in the accounting department. Any weighment can be tagged with a purchase No., Invoice No. etc. The weighbridge transaction data is directly sent to Betolink® Enterprise accounting software for further processing, making the business paperless and error free.
  • Inventory is automatically updated at the time of weighing, both in Betolink® Pro and Betolink® Enterprise software.
  • Sales of raw materials and products other than concrete are also effective through Betolink® Weighing Station. Customers, products and pricelist data can be retrieved automatically from the accounting software or be registered. Sale tickets printed by the weighbridge are directly send to accounting software.
  • Several statistics and reports per vehicle, product, driver etc. are available in printable format or can also be exported in excel. A very useful information that can be automatically retrieved by the system is the differences between suppliers’ weight (mentioned in their delivery notes) and weight measured by your weighbridge.


Betolink® Weighing Station - Mobile is an Android application for tablets and smartphones designed to make the truck scale operation even easier.

Each truck driver who delivers aggregates and cement to the plants can either be equipped with a common tablet or use his own smartphone with our special application. This way he can easily and quickly register the main information about his delivery. Specifically, as the route begins from the loading area (Quarry, Cement Factory), the driver register the supplier, the material he transports and the net weight stated on the delivery note. The plate number and driver’s ID are already registered on his tablet.

When the truck arrives on plant and is placed upon the weighbridge, the tablet’s data is automatically (wireless) send to Betolink® Weighing Station. This way the plant’s operator, who is usually in charge to also operate the truck scale, just needs to confirm that the weighing data will be stored into the system. The process remains the same in both scenarios of single weighment with known tare and double weighment.

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