PROTEM has developed a system that incorporates the best practices of the Ready-Mix Concrete industry. It is the result of our cooperation with more than 200 companies combined with almost 3 decades experience on the field.

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The RMC and Precast industry faces the same challenges as any other modern industry. The introduction of new products on the market faster, the reduction of operating costs and production costs, the improvement of quality and the regulatory compliance are firmly demanded.

PROTEM identified the above-mentioned issues very early and gradually developed, within three decades, targeted solutions for concrete businesses. Today, PROTEM's real strength is the expertise it has gained in interacting with its numerous customers, companies and organizations of all sizes in Greece and abroad.Our philosophy of listening carefully to any remark for improvements and our ongoing effort to design new innovative solutions allows us to be proud of the most integrated Concrete Production System on the entire market: The PROTEM RMCPSΤΜ

PROTEM RMCPSΤΜ Concrete Production System is a set of hardware and software solutions that can operate autonomously but have been designed to communicate with each other and then offer the maximum benefits to a concrete business.

The technologies and processes of the RMCPSΤΜ system aim to connect all the operations of the different departments inside an enterprise, into a single, uniform and integrated system.

The RMCPSΤΜ system covers the gaps that are created when companies use different technologies for their departments and operations, where integration is not possible or very difficult to achieve.

RMCPSΤΜ consists of many modules, all of which a company may acquire and implement gradually, up to the point where its needs are met. The most important factor is that the business will know from the very beginning up to which point it may choose to proceed and at what cost, without ever having to throw money and invest again for the same purpose!

The RMCPSΤΜ incorporates tested practices and automatic procedures for the smooth execution of your company’s daily tasks. It has also been designed by taking into account the ISO 9000 requirements and has been tested in practice by quality consultants and specialized auditors that have certified its procedures.

We can commit that the implementation of the RMCPSΤΜ in your company will certainly help you to:

  • Increase your productivity and fulfil your demand
  • Deliver faster
  • Improve the quality of your products
  • Reduce the production and operation costs
  • Improve the flow and the availability of information within the company
  • Take informed decisions faster

Related Product Categories

Batching Plants

Mobile, Easily-transportable and stationary Ready-Mix Concrete batching plants with PROTEM’s credibility and innovative technology.


PROTEM’s automation department has 3 decades of experience in designing and manufacturing batching, dosing and automatic control systems for the construction materials industry.

Software Solutions (ERP)

From sales and daily production scheduling to quality control and pricing, PROTEM’s Betolink ERP suite is the most integrated and specialized computerization system.

GPS Fleet Tracking

For the proper supervision of a Ready-mix Concrete company’s fleet, a specialized tracking system via satellite is required. PROTEM’s system is different from every other known system the market has to offer.

Moisture - Temperature Sensors

We possess the most modern and trustworthy solutions for all the problems Ready-Mix Concrete production companies face due to the aggregate material’s moisture.

Admixture Scales

More and more chemical additives are being used in the production of Ready-mix Concrete. The accurate weighing of these additives is imposed for not only quality purposes but also economic reasons.

Powder Color Scales

We provide Color Weighing Systems for colors in powder form that can easily be installed in existing cement product production plants.

Fibres Dosing Equipment

Fully automated dosing systems for metallic and synthetic fibers.

Cement Silos and Equipment

We can supply you with Silos of numerous construction types and capacities ranging from 20m3 to 2.500m3.

Dedusting Equipment

We have the appropriate filters for every usual dedusting application in plants where bulk materials, such as Cement or fine aggregates are being used.

Fresh Concrete Recycling

With the right equipment you can achieve a significant reduction of the production cost and the waste of clear water. Your ecological conscience should not only be limited to domestic recycling.

Laboratory Equipment

Automatic compression testing machines, operating in accordance with the EN 12390-4 standards. We have covered the entire spectrum of equipment for Ready-Mix Concrete and aggregates laboratory control.

Plant Equipment and Spare Parts

We offer new individual equipment for existing Ready-Mix Concrete production plants, as well as spare parts by most OEM manufacturers.

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