Containerized Type Concrete Batching Plants

They are the most ergonomic and easily transportable batching plants made by PROTEM, offering one of the highest productivity and aggregates storage capacities in the market.

Each plant is delivered in 5 container sized modules, transported in the same way as standard containers minimizing all other costs incurred by the buyer such as transportation, storage, civil works, installation etc.

Available in two mixer and aggregates skip versions, resulting in two different production capacities.

  • Small plot needed for the installation of the plant (approx. 20 x 20 m)
  • Minimum civil works and foundations on site
  • The entire plant along with the cement silos can be easily covered for protection against extreme weather conditions (heat-cold) or for environmental reasons
  • Cabling is very easy due to the prewired modules and the electric power board
  • Approximately 3 days are needed for its erection and the start of the production (for standard configuration)
  • CE certification
  • 3 Years PROTEM warranty for the entire plant


Standard configuration Model : PR-80 CT or PR-100 CT

Production Capacity (theoretical)


80 or 100 m³/ Hour

Mixing System


Twin Shaft 2,0 or 2,5m3

Nr. of Aggregates compartments



Aggregates Bunkers capacity


Total 100 m³

Electro pneumatic shutters


Total Nr. 10

Aggregates scale type


Lateral unloading

Aggregates conveying to mixer


By skip

Cement scale capacity


1200 LT/1500 Kg

Cement Screw conveyors 


Ø273mm/ 2pcs std, Max. 4  

Water scale capacity


800 Lt / 800 Kg

Additives scale capacity


30 Lt / 40 Kg / 3 admixtures

Pressured Air Supply  


800 Lt/min – 7,5 bar

Pressured Air Dryer


Refrigerated type

Electrical power supply board



Batching Control System



Optional equipment

Aggregates bins ground level feeding & Distribution System.

To avoid a ramp for feeding the aggregates bunkers and the operation costs for the front loader. Delivered as a complete system in a 40ft container.

Cement silos

Paneled type cement silos (70 or 100 T) with common ladder per two silos, safety rails on top, connection gangway, butterfly valve, dedusting filter, safety valve and level indicators. Delivered as complete system of 2 silos in a 40ft container.

Ice Plants connectivity, Concrete fibers (steel, glass, natural, synthetic), Supplementary Cementing Materials (SCM’s) e.g. Micro Silica. etc.


The standard plant is delivered in 5 container sized modules, 1X40ft and 4X20ft:

  • Aggregates bunkers and belt scale module with foldable walls, complete pre-assembled and wired, in a 40ft container frame.
  • Scales (cement, water, additives) and pressured air supply module, complete pre-assembled and wired, in a 20ft container frame which in working position is placed above the mixer's module.
  • Mixing module includes the mixer with the service platform and the electric supply board, in a 20ft container frame which in working position is placed on the top of pylon module.
  • Pylon module includes the mixer’s support and discharge chute, the cement screws, all inside a 20ft container frame.
  • Control room module includes the operator's cabin, the aggregates skip, the pumps and the pylon's access ladder. All inside a 20ft container frame.

The optional equipment is delivered as follows

  • Aggregates bins ground level feeding & Distribution System, inside a standard 40ft container
  • 2 Cement silos (70 or 100 T) paneled type can be delivered inside a standard 40ft container

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