Auto-Leader NG

PROTEM’s top automation model, destined to fit in Ready-Mix Batching Plants with extraordinary needs. Those are plants which, except the common materials, also use fibers, color, ice or cold water, or use two mixers as is usually the case in Cement products production.

The system's design, architecture and easy customization allow it to be used on any type of concrete batching plant no matter how large it is or how complicated its mechanical equipment structure is. The automation is handled and the production is supervised via a PC screen and PROTEM’s special SCADA software.

To cover even the most demanding requirements of a modern Ready Mixed Concrete Industry PROTEM offers the ultimate batching control system.


The automation provides total plant performance while being very simple to use. The system covers all production stages starting from the management of production mix design materials until the detailed production reporting and statistics analysis.

Furthermore, due to Auto-Leader NG’s technical characteristics, proper and uninterrupted operation in harsh conditions such as an RMC plant environment is allowed. It is fully protected against electrical surges and grid abnormalities, current leaks due to bad grounding and even against lightning strikes.

The system's architecture allows easy and cost effective upgrades to fulfil future requirements as well as to expand the plant’s configuration. Direct connection with Protem’s technical support department is a standard system’s capability for software upgrade uploads as well as support / maintenance.


  • There are no restrictions on the number of common raw materials that can be included in the mix design (recipe). The system can support as many aggregates and cement qualities (silos) as you need (e.g. 10 aggregates, 8 cements).
  • Supports up to 15 chemical additives (admixtures) which can be weighed at 1 or even 2 different scales. One of the scales can be for additives with very fine dosing (e.g. air entrainer liquid additive)
  • Ice, cold or hot water is also supported on either the same or on separate scales
  • Supports the use of metal or synthetic fibers using any weighing-dosing method (subtractive or additive scale)
  • Supports color usage in the recipe which can be dosed using a dedicated color scale
  • Supports the use of different moisture meters for each aggregate as well as moisture probes inside the mixers.
  • When an aggregates bin feeding and distribution system exist on the plant, its management can be performed through the automation
  • When it comes to batching plants with two mixers, some scales might be used by both mixers while some are dedicated to a mixer. This is no problem for Auto-Leader NG since it has been designed to operate with up to 16 different scales !
  • In Plants where ready-mix concrete is produced for cement products, the automation can be also connected with the machines that feed from the mixers. This way the operation cost is significantly reduced since the operators actual presence on the automation is no longer needed.


  • The SCADA software allows the direct interface of the PC to a network giving the capability for remote control to any authenticated user (ex. parameterizing the system, adjusting the moisture meters, reading the malfunctions archive, etc.)
  • A special recipe management and editing software is incorporated in the automation system. This software easily and infallibly manages the company recipes and the production statistics, locally or via network. Modifications of the recipes are being recorded and versions are kept in historical files.
  • Calibrating the moisture meters is easier than ever: the only thing needed is registering in the system (no external software is required) the laboratory moisture values of the aggregates samples.
  • The software is multilingual and offers the operator an on-line option to switch between languages. Other than Greek – English it is possible for the end-user to translate all messages in other languages.
  • Records and logs all events into a file stored on the hard disk allowing the easy tracking of every single alarm, whether it was by fault or by the operators intervention.


Protem AUTO-LEADER NG is not a PC-Based system and thus it does not have the problems that these systems have. The operation program of the automation is running on a Telemecanique’s latest technology PLC, with great processing power, which is installed on the Electronics Control Board of the system.

The supervision of the production is done via our SCADA software which is installed on a PC using Windows OS and MS SQL Database. The PC Screen is used only as the user’s Interface and the PC acts only as a peripheral device. It does not process any critical production data, and as a result the production of the plant will not stop if the PC is off, “hangs off”, operation system “crashes” or if a virus infects the PC.

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