Powder Color Scale Model PR-CS1

A complete, portable color dosing system that works using the subtractive weighing method. It consists of a small screw feeder at the bottom of a special reception tank, made of Ertalon, reinforced with stainless steel sections. Above the screw there is a horizontally mounted agitator and a storage hopper. The entire construction is mounted on a weighing platform and is controlled either by an autonomous electronic weighing instrument or by the batching plants automation, ensuring high dosing accuracy.

It is ideal for dosing powder materials since the material does not stick to the walls due to the internal geometry of the reception tank and the fluidization made by the agitator

The capacity of the storage hopper is 35Lt. The hopper is made of steel ST37 and has a lid on the top in order to be fed with material. It is optionally available in stainless steel and can be optionally equipped with a separate vertical agitator.

The screw feeder and the agitator are rotating independently, each driven by a separate gearbox and motor, on different revolutions.


  • Standalone equipment that can be easily installed above any mixer.
  • Easy and quick maintenance due to small number of components
  • Minimum clearance between screw flight and feeder pipe ensuring high precision feeding.
  • Highest weighing and dosing accuracy
  • High degree of homogeneity of the fed material
  • Minimum disruption time in order to change the material
  • Trustworthy and time-durable
  • Substituting the screw’s helicoid flighting is very easy and requires low expenses
  • Value for money

Stationary multicolor scale model PR-CS4

Stationary color scale suited for 4 colors in powder form. Ideal for factories producing colored cement products. It is placed at the ground level and unloads the pre-weighed colors onto the conveyor belt or the aggregates skip that feed the mixer.

The scale consists of four (4) stainless steel tanks with a 40 Lt capacity. All of them are equipped with an internal agitator. Each tanks is attached to a small screw feeder which unloads the color on a hermetically sealed belt scale (all colors are weighed cumulatively). The belt is placed on four load cells providing a very high weighing accuracy.

The tanks have a lid to prevent them from getting moisture inside. The feed is easy and without the need to stop the production process. Just above the belt and between the containers there is a gangway so that one can easily access the lids and feed material to the tanks.

Optionally low level indicators can also be installed in each tank, so that the so that the batching plant’s operator will know when exactly the containers have to be refilled with material

Colored Concrete

The colored concrete is produced by adding a special color inside the ready-mix concrete. This results in better color resistance without any surface declines. A very large powder color spectrum is available on the market.

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