Axle Weighing

The particular system's intended use is for weighing trucks and trailers with many axles as well as double and/or wide tires. Available with equipment for both static and dynamic weighing (as the truck passes over the platforms without stopping) with speeds of up to 5km/h.

It is one of the most lightweight system available on the market with platforms of such big sizes (1000mm L X 500mm W X 20,5mm H) which also have the lowest height of just 2cm. It is very light, simple to install & use and ideal for areas where access is limited. The system also includes interlocking leveling track on each side of the platforms to improve precision especially in weighing vehicles with more than two axles.

Τo improve precision remarkably by interlocking leveling track.


The WP3-20-XXL platforms have a high accuracy of ±0,5-1,5% FS as long as they are placed on flat and smooth surfaces (industrial floor, asphalt, etc.) and the truck is placed horizontally.

Weighing Pad Size: 1000mm L X 500mm W X 20,5mm H
Construction Material: High strength aluminum
Pad Weight: 46 Kg
Protection Rate: IP66
Leveling track: 0,5 meter each side, 7,5 Kg / 0,5m
Rated Capacity: 20.000 Kg each Platform
Connection: By cable that plugs in the weighing equipment suitcase.


aksoniki zigisi sxedio


An integrated and highly resistant aluminum suitcase that incorporates the necessary weighing electronical equipment. All the equipment is installed and cabled, ready to operate.

Furthermore, inside the suitcase lies a 12V rechargeable battery with a 220V charger as well as plugs for the connection between the platforms and the power supply (for recharging the battery).

Main Technical Features:

  1. Liquid Crystal dual screen.
  2. Displaying of time, date, truck license number and serial number of weigh ticket. Battery status with a recharge alarm (for when the power is low).
  3. Registration of (up to 100) vehicle license numbers, driver & operator names.
  4. Calculation and displaying of the speed (km/h) as the vehicle passes over.
  5. Continuous observation of the indication’s value.
  6. Axle to axle vehicle weighing measurement, without any limitations when it comes to the number of axles.
  7. Weighing option: Static or Dynamic. A Static measurement results in the vehicle stopping every time one of its axles is directly above the platforms. The operator must then confirm the weighing measurement by pressing one key each time, until the axle weighing is complete. A Dynamic measurement results in the vehicle passing over the platforms while moving slower than 5 Km/h, and the axle weighing will be automatically complete.
  8. Choose vehicle axle types when dynamically weighing.
  9. Integrated printer that prints the time/date, License number, weigh bill number, weight per axle & vehicle cross weight. Option to calculate and print the overweight as well as the company name.
  10. RS232 port for communicating with a PC.
  11. Great battery life expectancy for weighing all day long without having to charge it.
  12. The material and the client can be registered when weighing statically.



The weighing accuracy of axle weighing cannot be compared to the weighing accuracy of a weighbridge. Nor is selling materials with an axle scale weighing note allowed. It is, however, an easy, fast and budget-friendly weighing solution for material receipt checks, such as aggregates, waste and recyclable materials of small value, where an error of 1-2% is acceptable.

In general, the principles that each and every client of ours much be aware of applied in the weighing accuracy achieved by using our recommended solution are the following:

A1) When the vehicle’s axle weight is ≤20% FS (FS=Full Scale Platform Weighing Capacity, in this case 40T) then the maximum vehicle weighing error’s value is from ± 0.3% FS/ Axle + ± 0.3% RΟ (RΟ=Vehicle Weight).

A2) When the vehicle’s axle weight is ≥20% FS (FS=Full Scale Platform Weighing Capacity, in this case 40T) then the maximum vehicle weighing error’s value is from ± 0.5% F.S + ± 0.3% RΟ (RΟ=Vehicle Weight).

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