Compression Testing Machine


The main features of our concrete specimen crushing machines are:

  • Class 1 accuracy according to ISO 7500-1.
  • Machines are in conformity with EN 12390-4, ASTM C39 standards.
  • Automatic load rate adjustment according to EN 12390-3 standards.
  • Heavy duty 4-column load frame supported by solid head and foot platens.
  • CE conformity for the safety of the operator
  • Suitable for testing 150 mm or 200 mm cubes and Ø 150x300 mm cylinder concrete samples.
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Retrofitting of an Old Concrete Press


We offer you the ability to convert your existing compression testing machine in order to be in conformity with the EN 12390-4 requirements. By keeping your old press frame and installing our kit, you will able to perform the crushes of your specimens fully automatically at the preset load rate while the accuracy of your strength results (MPa) will increased to the highest possible level.

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Curing Tanks


The curing tank is designed for curing concrete cubes and cylinders, in conformity with the EN 12390-2, ASTM C3, C192, C511 standards.

Maintaining a stable and uniform temperature and preventing loss of moisture from the specimen are provided by our system.

The water temperature can be adjusted and can be kept constant by an electric heater and a thermostat to standard value of 20 ± 2 °C. A circulation pump ensures uniform curing conditions to all specimens.

Tanks made of polyethylene (most common), steel or stainless steel, ranging following maximum capacities:

  • 390 pcs cubes 150mm / 195 pcs cylinders Ø 150 X 300 mm
  • 220 pcs cubes 150mm / 110 pcs cylinders Ø 150 X 300 mm
  • 135 pcs cubes 150mm / 77 pcs cylinders Ø 150 X 300 mm

All our models are supplied with steel stand, thermostat controlled heater, submersible circulation pump and bottom racks.

Removable upper rack and tong are offered separately.


Slump Test

The Slump test method is used for the determination of the freshly mixed concrete consistency.

We offer a complete set made of galvanized steel, that consists of:

  • Slump Cone
  • Slump Cone Funnel
  • Base Plate
  • Tamping Rod which is hemispherical at both ends
  • Rubber Mallet
  • Steel Ruler

The equipment is in conformity with the EN 12350-2 standards.


Air Entrainment Meter

Lightweight and compact air content apparatus

The apparatus is used to determine the air content of fresh concrete. It consists of an aluminum cylindrical vessel with airtight cover assembly incorporating an air pump, a pressure gauge and valves.

Capacity is 7 Lt and Air content range is 0 - 100%. The meter measures up to 22% entrained air, not affected by changes in atmospheric pressures.

Direct pressure gauge reading (Ø 90 mm) to the nearest 0.1% up to 6%, 0.2% from 6 to 8% and 0.5% from 8 to 10%.

The instrument can be calibrated and it is supplied complete with Tamping Rod and Straight Edge.

Carrying Case should be ordered separately.



Unit Weight Measures

Unit Weight Measures are used to determine the weight per cubic meter of freshly mixed and compacted concrete.

Available in 10 lt capacity, it is manufactured from 4mm heavy gauge steel coated against corrosion, with a 200mm diameter and 320 mm height. 

It confirms to EN 12350-6 standards.  Also available in 3, 7, 15 and 30 liter capacity models according to the requirements of different Standards.


Cube Moulds

Hard plastic or steel cube moulds are available in accordance with the dimensions and tolerances stated in the related standards.

Plastic Moulds are one-piece moulds, made from hard Plastic, strong, light while also offering resistant to vibration shocks and wear. They don't require mounting and dismounting operations, thus saving time and labor.

The specimen is expelled from the mould by compressed air or water. They just require a simple clean and demould oiling before being ready for use again for many times.

Steel Moulds are extremely sturdy and the inside surfaces are accurately machined.

STANDARDS: EN 12390-1, ASTM C39, C192


Sand Equivalent Test

Sand Equivalent Test Set is used to determine the fines of aggregates. The Sand Equivalent Test Set complete with siphon assembly (irrigator tube with valve, rubber stopper, siphon tube and hose, blow tube), weighted foot assembly, funnel, measuring can, 5 lt capacity sand jar and a carrying case.

Supplied with two Sand Equivalent Measuring Two Graduated Cylinder for EN Model and two Sand Equivalent Measuring Graduated Cylinder for ASTM Model.



Methylene Blue Test

Methylene Blue Test Set is used for determining clay content in the fines fraction of the aggregates.

Set consists of 400/600 rpm. Electric stirrer, complete with Ø 75 mm stirring propeller, support base for stirrer, 50 ml glass burette, burette holder, support base for burette, Ø 125 mm Filter Papers (pack of 100), Ø 8*300 mm glass rod, 2000 ml capacity plastic beaker, 100 gr methylene blue and 500 gr kaolinite.



Sand Absorption Test


Used in determining the specific gravity and absorption of fine aggregates.  The equipment is made from galvanized steel for protection against corrosion. The set consist of Abraham Cone and tamper.

Equipment confirms to EN 1097-6 standards.


Moisture Analyzers

Moisture analyzers are used for quickly and precisely determining the material sample humidity. Scale, which is integral part of moisture analyzer, allows measuring mass loss of material sample placed in a drier.

Main characteristics:

  • Maximum sampling capacity 120g / precision 0,1g
  • Minimal sample weight 20 mg
  • Readout precision 0,01% (sample>5g)
  • Halogen radiators provide fast drying of a sample
  • Graphic display and text menu
  • Selectable drying profile according to material’s properties
  • Connection with printer or computer via USB or RS232C port.


Concrete (Schmidt) Test Hammer

This concrete test hammer, has aluminum frame, and thanks to its very accurate manufacture processing and selected components ensures high precision test results in the time.

The quality of concrete is mainly judged by its compressive strength directly affecting the load-bearing capacity and durability of concrete structures.

Using the test hammer it is very easy to directly determine the load bearing capacity and durability of concrete structures having strength resistances from 10 to 70 N/mm². Hammer’s spring impact energy is 2,207 Nm (Joule).

The equipment is supplied completed with calibration curve chart in N/mm² (Mpa) values, abrasive stone and carrying case. Calibration Anvil, used for the verification of the calibration of the hammers.

STANDARDS: EN 12504-2, 13791; ASTM C 805; BS 1881:202

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