Asphalt Plant Automation

An advanced Asphalt Plant automation system should not only automate the processes of dosing and mixing the raw materials. It should also provide solutions to all the challenging problems the operator faces daily, given that asphalt-mix production is a much more complex procedure than Ready-mix concrete production.

PROTEM asphalt automation provide holistic solutions to the problem of centralized production control, ensuring steady production quality that does not depend on the operator’s skills. In addition the rejections and waste are minimized, resulting in saving valuable resources for the company.

An automation is a necessary step in order to achieve total control over all your factory’s processes. Such an automation should provide the operator with the ability to easily monitor the production process and alert him in time about all errors or malfunctions that cannot be resolved automatically.

The automation’s purpose is to ensure and preserve the products quality in the highest possible level with the least possible dependence on human factor and operator’s experience. This is precisely what the scope of our Asphalt plant automations for has been since we installed our 1st system back in 1998.


Regardless of your asphalt plant’s type and the condition of your mechanical equipment, which is usually old and worn-out, our automation can be implemented with guaranteed success and substantially upgrade your productivity.

You shall be able to execute and monitor through the screen of a common PC all functions such as weighing, mixing, drying, as well as the temperatures, silo levels, power consumption and production errors.

Our automation can also support all other production management processes. Connecting the automation to the weighbridge, issuing the delivery notes through an integrated and unified system & associating the results to laboratory tests are only a few of the services we can provide from either the beginning or at a later stage.


  • Automatic and continuous feeding control of the aggregates to the burner, individually for each aggregate, based on the mix design percentages.
  • Automatic regulation of aggregate temperature on the burner’s output by using advanced PID algorithms. Maximum deviation of ± 8ºC from the desired temperature. The deviation can be lowered to ± 3º C when a moisture meter is installed.
  • Aggregates for the 1st batch (cold mixer) and the last batch (mixer cleaning) are regulated by the automation in order to minimize the waste.
  • Exhaust gas measurement using special sensors in order to optimize the air-fuel ratio in the burner. This results in lower fuel consumption and less environmental pollution.
  • Dryer’s bag filter operation and control through exhaust gas temperature monitoring and automatic adjust of the vacuum inside the dryer.
  • Maximum precision in bitumen and aggregate weighing so that each batch is within the acceptable tolerances. Asphalt-mix production differs from concrete production at this point; each asphalt batch is not further mixed inside a mixer truck, means that non-uniform mixtures cannot further homogenized after exiting the mixer.
  • Hot asphalt storage silos management and truck loading from the storage silos.
  • Bitumen tank pre-heating can be scheduled when the plant is not operating on a daily basis.
  • Record keeping of historical production data, errors, mix design and modification history.
  • Custom mimic diagram of the plant so that it is fully compatible with the process equipment that exists in each customer’s asphalt plant.


  • Continuous verification of the aggregates supply rate from the feeder into the dryer through the use of a belt scale. This way, the productivity of the plant is also continually recorded while the aggregates consumptions can be crosschecked with the weights recorded by the scales.
  • The mixture’s temperature at the mixer’s output is controlled and recorded.
  • In connection with the weighbridge the outgoing trucks can be weighed through the automation.
  • Real time stock control based on the actual quantities received by the weighbridge and the consumptions recorded by the automation’s scales.
  • Plug & play with PROTEM’s Business Administration and Accounting Management software. Delivery Notes or invoices can be issued getting information regarding product and quantity by the automation.

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