PROTEM PCRS 80/100/125

Fresh concrete recycling system

Managing the fresh concrete leftovers in the truck mixers and concrete pumps, as well as in the plant’s mixer, is a daily problem that ready-mix concrete industries have to cope with. Beyond the environmental aspect and the obligations arising from legislation, an equally important issue is the economical one. Typical practices such as disposal of the residual concrete on the ground or in tanks and their management at a later time as dried concrete, among other negatives, are also economically unprofitable.

PROTEM offers you a complete and profitable solution to your problem and with absolute certainty that the cost of investment will sooner or later be amortized by the benefits of our solution.

The heart of PROTEM’s concrete recycling system is the reclaimer that is washing and separating all the concrete residues from the vehicles and the plant’s mixer. At the exit of the reclaimer the inert materials are washed out and separated into two piles: sand 1-5 mm and gravel> 5 mm while the sludge water (cement and other fine components under 1mm) reach the settling pit. The water required for the reclaimer and the vehicles comes entirely from recycling.


  • Unlike other available systems that extract a single material, our system separates aggregates according to their size into two piles.
  • The aggregates extracted by the system are sufficiently dry and can be transferred directly to the aggregate bunkers of the plant for use in production.
  • Drivers empty the concrete residues in the receiving hopper of the system without having to pay attention to the feed rate (those with experience in other recycling systems understand how important that is).
  • The reclaimer is a compact and very ergonomically designed structure, without complicated mechanisms and expensive spare or wear parts. It operates at very low power consumption while minimum maintenance is required.


  • Restriction of consumption and rational use of fresh water. The use of fresh water is limited to the production of concrete, while for all other uses, only recycled water is used.
  • Saving of raw materials due to reuse of recycled aggregates in the production
  • Effective implementation of eco-policy and compliance with the environmental legislation.
  • Minimize waste of ready-mixed concrete as 85% of it is recycled while the remaining 15% is a powder of inactivated cement and filler. This material, even if it is not used in other applications (many studies are taking place worldwide), can be deposited in nature without negative impact on the environment.
  • Requires minimum plot space for the installation.
  • Simple set-up and fully automatic operation without the need of an operator.
  • Secured & fast Return of Investment


PROTEM offers three recycling models, each with a different capacity, so you can choose what meets your real needs.

PCRS – 80 Model
Recycling capacity: 8-10 m3/h
Mixing Trucks Nr.: 1-10
Reclaimer Dimensions: 4.8 x 1.4 x 2.2 m
Reclaimer Weight: 3.400 Kg
Total Power*: 17 kW
Washing Hopper: 1 Vehicle, 3m Length

PCRS – 100 Model
Recycling capacity: 12-14 m3/h
Mixing Trucks Nr.: 10-30
Reclaimer Dimensions: 6.1x1.6x2.5 m
Reclaimer Weight: 4.170kg
Total Power*: 22 kW
Washing Hopper: 2 Vehicles, 7m Length

PCRS – 125 Model
Recycling capacity: > 17 m3/h
Mixing Trucks Nr.: >30
Reclaimer Dimensions: 6.9x1.8x2.8m
Reclaimer Weight: 5.270kg
Total Power*: 9.5 kW
Washing Hopper: 3 Vehicles, 10m Length

* Including the submersible sewage Water pumps


The system can be upgraded to support concrete pumps washing ability (for all models)

The pumps are washed in a separate depositing place which empties inside the reclaimer, without preventing the mixer trucks from being washed in parallel. The water required for cleaning the concrete pumps comes 100% out of recycling.

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