Betolink® ERP


PROTEM's Betolink® ERP software suite is unique in the Greek market. Beyond the classic modules all other ERP have, it also contains added modules which are for most software vendors are just unknown words. The reason this happens is very simple:

PROTEM is not only a software development company, but also has an electronics and automations department. Our hardware and software solutions can function autonomously but have been designed to communicate together, providing the maximum benefits to the concrete production industry. Our customers may acquire and implement gradually, up to the point where its needs are met. The most important factor is that the business will know from the very beginning up to which point it may choose to proceed and at what cost, without ever having to throw away money and invest again for the same purpose!

Betolink® ERP is a system that has none of the pitfalls and problems created by scenarios that use different technologies for different sections of a business. The most common reason that other ERP systems fail, is the inability of the suppliers to fully cover the entire range of customer’s future requirements.

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Betolink® Pro


The Betolink® Pro software is the first computerization step a Ready-Mix Concrete industry has to make. It is the basic link of the production with the remaining departments, such as the accounting and the quality control. Betolink® Pro effectively organizes the daily ordering and delivery of the produced concrete in accordance with PROTEM’s Ready Mix Concrete Production System RMCPSΤΜ philosophy.

The software communicates with the automation of one or more batching plants and accelerates, through automated processes, the execution of all daily processes related to the production. It also safeguards the company against human errors which, especially in the Ready-Mix Concrete industry, are irreversible. Betolink® Pro also ensures that your company is in compliance with all EN206-1 concrete regulations regarding the Daily Orders and the Ticketing.

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Betolink® GPMATIS 2


It helps concrete industries to coordinate better and respond faster to their orders. Unlike all other systems in the market, Betolink® GPMATIS 2 continuously updates the dispatcher’s daily schedule for the critical phases of each delivery without the need of digital map monitoring. Furthermore, among its unique advantages are the ability to manage the additives used on site as well as the samples (cubes) taken by the driver.

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Betolink® Enterprise


The Betolink® Enterprise software covers the needs of Ready-Mix Concrete industries of all sizes that are looking for an advanced and integrated business management system. Integrated directly with Betolink® Pro, it allows the central management of an infinite number of remote plants/branches in real-time.

The difference between Betolink® Enterprise and all general purpose accounting software solutions is that the former has been designed from scratch by PROTEM to exclusively cover the special needs of the Ready-Mix Concrete production and delivery industry. It integrates advanced mechanisms and automated processes that make it especially friendly and easy to use. Based on industry best practices and appropriately designed for the numerous departments of a company, the daily tasks are completed quickly, conveniently and impeccably.

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Betolink® Laboratory


The quality control in an advanced Ready-mix Concrete industry is more than a requirement enforced by the legislation. It is a necessary and dynamic working tool that which ensures the company’s prestige and safeguards its profitability.

Betolink® Laboratory has been developed by PROTEM in order to fill in the gap created by the market’s software which are not incorporated and cannot interact with the other departments of a Ready-mix concrete company. This occurs because most software have been designed to fulfil the needs of Construction Materials Testing Laboratories that can only manage the quality control and are by no means involved in the production.

Betolink®  Laboratory communicates on-line and bidirectional with the production via the Betolink® Pro software as well as with the accounting department via the Betolink® Enterprise software. It provides tools that allow concrete producers to manage and adjust their mix designs centrally, to handle their specimens and analyze its strength results, manage their raw materials, resulting in significant savings in concrete production costs.

As a result the quality control is incorporated into the uniform Ready-Mix Concrete Production System (RMCPS).

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Betolink® Weighing Station


The Betolink® Weighing Station software interfaces with the weighbridge and records the weights of the incoming and outgoing products and raw materials. Instead of weighing the vehicles using the common controller that all weighbridges are equipped with, the operator does the same work through our software and simultaneously registers the rest of the delivery data (supplier, species, weight recorded on the delivery note, etc.).

This way, valuable time is saved from double-registrations and numerous mistakes are avoided. It can also function as an independent application but is primarily intended to operate in a direct connection with the production management software Betolink® Pro and the accounting software Betolink® Enterprise.

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Betolink® VMSs


Fleet and factory equipment maintenance is a complicated and expensive process. An estimated 10% to 15% of a ready-mix company’s turnover equals the maintenance costs, provided the company has its own internal repair shop. If it doesn’t, the cost is even higher.

The maintenance cost along with the fuel cost, which equals approximately 10% of the annual turnover, directly weights down on the final product pricing and the more under control these costs are, the better the pricing policy the company can implement is. On the other hand, the better maintained the fleet and the production equipment is, the shorter the breakdowns in the production and the projects are.

Our maintenance software Betolink® VMSs integrates the best practices and the expertise of the sector-leading companies for its smooth implementation in ready mix and other construction materials industries. It combines easy-of-use with plug & play connectivity with the rest of our ERP modules as well as our hardware solutions.

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Betolink® Manager


Betolink® Manager incorporates the deep know-how of experienced managers regarding how and what exactly they would like to be informed about from an ideal information system. With just a few clicks you can unify, search, graphically display and analyze your economic and quality data from all departments, plants or subsidiary companies as deep as you wish. Set some targets, see the results, easily and rapidly understand what the numbers are saying and get the right decisions!

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