Screw Conveyors


We have a lot of screw conveyors of multiple sizes and carrying capabilities at your disposal. They are designed for cement and other bulk materials that are used in the construction materials industry such as sand, limestone, flying ash, gypsum, filler, etc.

Screw Conveyor Types

Tubular Screw Conveyors

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The screw conveyors SCUTTI CTS series are available in a wide range of sizes, and capacities. They are designed to convey cement and many bulk materials moderately abrasive and fluid commonly used in batching plants, such as sand, limestone, fly ash, gypsum, etc.

Standards sizes are from Ø114 to Ø323mm with lengths up to 13m. Available on demand bigger diameters such as Ø407, Ø457 and over. Direct-mounted drive units in standard ratios 1/5, 1/7, 1/10. Special manufacture for heavy products are available on demand.

The CTS screws are supplied with the following standard configuration:

  • 1 no. inlet + 1 no. outlet plain spigot with fixed inclination.
  • 1 no. Non drive end bearing type STL
  • RM gearbox direct-mounted at inlet side
  • Asynchronous electric motor 1400 RPM flanged to the gearbox
  • 1 no. Inspection door under the inlet
  • 1 no. Inspection door under each intermediate bearing
  • 1 no. Intermediate hanger bearing every 3m about
  • 2 nos. Lifting eyes each screw’s part


  • Ball joints at inlets/outlets with or without flanges
  • Conical inlets/outlets, fixed incline, with or without flanges.
  • Loose plain flanges for inlets/outlets spigots.
  • Base and tube supports suitable for screws installation.
  • Anti-wear flightings from Creusabro or Hardox.
  • Anti-wear tips on standard flights.
  • Chain and belt drives
  • Double speed motors

U-type Screw Conveyors

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The U-type screw conveyors, also known as open-type screw conveyors, are commonly used for industrial process. They are available in standard sizes ranging from Ø150 up to Ø350 mm with lengths up to 10m. They have direct drive unit and powder proof covers.

"U" type special screws are also used in the precast industry to transport fresh concrete from one point to another within the factory. For such applications the screws are made by anti-wear flightings from Hardox, without intermediate bearings.

Vertical Screw Conveyors - Elevators

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The vertical screw conveyors are available in diameters ranging from Ø193 to Ø458 mm with a direct movement using pulleys. The carrying height of the material that depends on the application needs, defines the remaining dimensions.

The purpose of these screws is the vertically carry (lift) of large bulk materials quantities. They require an insignificant installation space, are easy to maintain and do not pollute the environment.

Vertical screws are manufactured with cast iron intermediate bearings and without end-bearing bearings on the bottom side while high quality components and special know-how can guarantee high performance and long service life.

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