The Scutti Maxair filter is a round cartridge filter supplied with 24 m² filtering surface and an air jet-cleaning system. It is designed to be installed on top of the silo as a vent filter. Minimum dimensions and quick opening devices allow full safety and trouble-free maintenance for the operator. The filter is available with dust collecting pre-separator.

The filter’s body is made of stainless steel for greater endurance and long-lasting resistance to corrosion. It is the most appropriate solution for 2 silos as long as they are connected with an "L" pipe and have an independent safety valve each. The cartridges, made of 100% polyester, are very easily replaced through the openable lid on top of the filter and the cells are cleaned automatically using compressed air. A special gasket of 130mm height is included for the installation on the roof of the silo.

Minimum dimensions and quick opening devices allow full safety and trouble-free maintenance for the operator.

Filtering performance is 99,9% resulting in the reduction of the dust on the exit of the filter to <20mg/m3.




Filter surface

24 m²

Air volume

1.800 Nm3* /h

Filter elements

Non-woven polyester fibers

Cartridge dimensions

264 X 700 mm  (D X H)

Filter dimensions

794 X 1260 mm (D x H)

Number of cartridges


Compressed air pulse-jet

From 5 to 6 bar (72 ~ 87 PSI)

Dust temperature range

From -20 to 80 °C


Cylindrical stainless-steel (SS304) casing with bottom flange

Maintenance height

1.300 mm  (lid closed)

Νmis a unit of mass measurement of solids, liquids and gases associated with specific (typical) pressure and temperature conditions. It is called "normal cubic meter" and refers to a volume of one cubic meter (1m3) under the conditions of 1 bar pressure and 0 0temperature.


  • The automatic compressed air pulse-jet cleaning system, integrated in the requires zero maintenance work.
  • High filtration capacity due to the technology of polyester cells.
  • Secure weather-protection lid.
  • Rapid removal and replacement of filtering cells.
  • Compact casing (diameter of 794mm) with bottom flange.
  • Low air consumption for cleaning the cells
  • Perfect accessibility due to compact design
  • Sturdy stainless-steel casing
  • Filter element replacement within a few minutes by one person only
  • Guaranteed availability of spare parts in the future


  • Removing moisture from the air used to clean the filter’s cells is crucial for their service life and filter performance. The simple water trap commonly used in the air supply line from the compressor is not as efficient. The best solution is to install an air dryer. However, under no circumstances, the air that goes into the filters should have oil, as the case is when supplying air to the pistons.
  • Cleaning the cells is initiated by pressing a button connected to the built-in electronic controller of the filter. The system then automatically and sequentially sprays air on the cells in order to clean them.
  • The cleaning must be initiated a few minutes after the silo feeding has been completed.
  • The cartridges, depending on the use and the quality of the air, have an expiration date. As a result they must be checked every six or twelve months and cleaned externally with compressed air.
  • If the silo is overfilled with cement so much that it reaches the filter, the automatic cleaning system will be unable to successfully clean the cartridges. In these cases, cartridge replacement is recommended. In order to avoid this phenomenon, it is recommended to install an upper level indicator inside the silo that activates an external alarm.

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