Surface or Pit Mounted Easy Transportable Steel Deck Weighbridge


The PRWB-M and PRWB-T are portable surface or pit mounted weighbridges made of steel, designed for heavy loading uses.

The difference between the “M” and “T” model is the 500mm middle gap which the T model benefits.

The deck of the weighbridge consists of individual 1.5 m or 1,25m wide steel platforms (for PRWB-T models) and a maximum length of 6m. They are assembled with screws during the installation, thus a classic truck scale with an overall length of 18m and a width of 3m is assembled into 3 sections of 2 individual platforms per section.


  • Due to their modular design the PRWB-MC Weighbridge are very easily transported to the installation site with a small truck whose loading bin is 6m.The advantage of easy transportation is maximized when a container is being used, because an 18X3m PRWB-MC weighbridge fits along with all its components inside a 20’ container.
  • Only a small crane loader is required for installation. The final assembly and delivery time does not exceed 14 hours for 2 of our technicians.
  • Disassembly and relocation is easy and fast, but most importantly at the lowest cost.
  • The maximum allowed weight per axle (CLS) on the PRWB-M and PRWB-T weighbridges is 30t (30,000 Kg).
  • The maximum height of the platform from the ground level is 39 cm. Thanks to this height, the PRWB-M and PRWB-T weighbridges are known as the world's lowest surface weighbridges. To achieve such a low final height, special load cells and mounting feet are used, located inside the platform's edging metal beams.
  • The top removable covers on the deck of the weighbridge offers easy access to the load cells and junction boxes for instant maintenance and service of the equipment.
  • The clear width of the scaffold is 3.0m, equal to the width of its external dimensions, since there are no side beams to reduce the clear width, as is the case with other market scales. This allows the easy access of any vehicle without much effort of alignment by the driver.
  • 8 mm thick durbar top plate

Dimensions / capacities

The standard dimensions for both models and different available capacities are shown in the table below:


Deck Size

Available capacities

Sections Χ Platforms

Load cells



3 Χ 18 m

60/80/100 t

3 Χ 2


3 Χ 16 m

60/80 t

3 Χ 2


3 Χ 14 m

50/70 t

3 Χ 2


3 Χ 12 m

50/60 t

2 Χ 2


3 Χ 10 m

40/60 t

2 Χ 2


3 Χ 8 m

40/60 t

2 Χ 2


Additional / Optional Features

  • Prefabricated steel foundations to avoid heavy civil works.
  • Transportable steel ramps.
  • Deep hot Galvanized version.

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