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The Betolink® Pro software is the first computerization step a Ready-Mix Concrete industry has to make. It is the basic link of the production with the remaining departments, such as the accounting and the quality control. Betolink® Pro effectively organizes the daily ordering and delivery of the produced concrete in accordance with PROTEM’s Ready Mix Concrete Production System RMCPSΤΜ philosophy.

The software communicates with the automation of one or more batching plants and accelerates, through automated processes, the execution of all daily processes related to the production. It also safeguards the company against human errors which, especially in the Ready-Mix Concrete industry, are irreversible. Betolink® Pro also ensures that your company is in compliance with all EN206-1 concrete regulations regarding the Daily Orders and the Ticketing.

Betolink® Pro is installed in a workstation or server PC and communicates bidirectionally, via a serial port and an advanced protocol, with all PROTEM batching automations. The command to load a truck is given to the automation through Betolink® Pro, is executed by the automation and after its completion Betolink® Pro prints the Delivery note while at the same time all production data are stored in its database.

If any malfunction occurs in either Betolink® Pro software, the computer, or in the communication with each other, the production of the factory is not interrupted! Because all PROTEM products, in addition to the credibility they have, also incorporate the procedures that must be followed by users to deal with emergencies. The purpose of these procedures is not only the uninterrupted operation of production but also the shielding of the business against any offending action that may affect its interests.


  • Tickets (Delivery Notes) can be printed automatically, semi-automatically or manually
  • All production data of each batch (Batch report) are printed on the delivery note. These data display the actual quantities of materials used in each batch instead of a theoretical calculation based on the mix design.
  • The delivery notes can be printed on blank sheets through a laser or inkjet printer in order to reduce the cost.
  • Embedded automated processes and practices for dealing with daily problems such as truck re-routing, managing the returned quantities, changing the pump on site, etc.
  • Comparison of the total weight of the concrete loaded on the vehicle with the one recorded by the plant’s weighbridge*
  • The data noted down by the drivers on the delivery notes, such as the arrival time, unloading time, returning time, etc. can either be filled in manually or automatically**. This way the extra cost of bureaucracy and that of managing the delivery note copies can be greatly reduced. At the same time the company puts the statistical data to good use, which were up to that point inactive within the archive.
  • Copies of the delivery note tickets can be printed at any time without any numbering problems

* Prerequisite: A weighbridge and the Betolink® Weighing Station software.

** Prerequisite: The Betolink® GPMATIS 2 software must be installed on the vehicles.


  • The orders are entered rapidly and easily on the system with the desired delivery date, time, quantity for each mix design that is included in the respective contract, whether a pump should be used or not as well as the requested delivery rate.
  • Notes and instructions can be included in each order, ensuring the information is available to the drivers or the plant operators.
  • Each order must be corresponded to a specific recipe, preventing the operator from selecting a wrong recipe during production.
  • The number of samples needed from each order can be registered and barcode labels for the samples can be printed automatically **.
  • Customer credit control* are available whenever a new order is registered in the system.
  • Based on the orders, the daily schedule is being registered for current and future dates simplifying the plant operator’s work and minimizing possible errors during loading and delivery notes issuing.

* Prerequisite: Betolink® Enterprise Software or a weighbridge with another business management software

** Prerequisite: Betolink® Laboratory Software


  • Detailed recipe management includes all the information required by the ISO standards and EN-206-1 norm.
  • Each recipe version has its own unique id code for traceability purposes. A second code to link the recipe to a third party financial management software according to its parametrization requirements is also available.
  • Recipes are also grouped per batching plant, which is necessary for companies with more than one batching plants.
  • Version tracking for each recipe, keeping track of all changes (differences are shown), date / time and user that made the changes.
  • Automated wizards for performing mass modifications due to season changes (e.g. retarder) to any recipes selected.
  • Recipe history directly linked to the produced product and dispatching paperwork (invoice, delivery note). With one click on the records you may trace the recipe used for a particular load along with the weights of the materials batched in the load.
  • The recipes registered in Betolink® Pro are automatically downloaded to the automation. The automation also has its own recipe memory and can operate autonomously from Betolink® Pro (ex. when a PC or a network malfunction occurs)


  • Dynamic & real-time monitoring of each truck status (at project, pouring, returning to plant, etc.) from the Betolink® Pro daily schedule screen.*
  • Observing digital maps is not required (but it is also supported), because all critical information regarding the truck routes of each project are displayed in an ergonomic and legible way.
  • Real-time information on actual delivery data parameters (time to job, waiting time etc.) combined with available historic data of previous orders-routes of each job, allowing schedulers, dispatchers to take informed decisions.

* Prerequisite: An Betolink® GPMATIS 2 mobile software application must be installed on the trucks tablet.


  • Actual raw material consumption is recorded by the production automation and uploaded to Betolink® Pro. All additional consumption due to manual interventions or fully manually produced loads is also taken into account. It is also possible to record the amounts wasted.
  • Receipt of the raw materials delivery can be registered manually or automatically* the moment the materials enter the plant through the weighbridge.
  • Calculation of the actual remaining quantities per material and per storage silo.

* Prerequisite: A Weighbridge and the Betolink® Weighing Station software


  • Full and detailed production and dispatching reports.
  • Statistic reports of the batching plant’s productivity.
  • Specific reports for quickly finding out each material dosing deviation.
  • Daily stock material reports based on consumption and receipt. The business administration and storage software is automatically updated.


  • Betolink® Pro supports up to four batching plants that may operate on the same location. It connects with up to four automations at the same time and allows the managing of the production from a single place.
  • The Betolink® Pro is an autonomous software which maintains its independence even when it is connected on-line with the Business Administration and Accounting Management software Betolink® Enterprise. This practically means Betolink® Pro has its own individual database which synchronizes back and forth with the database of Betolink® Enterprise. When there is no connection with Betolink® Enterprise due to a network malfunction or another kind of problem (ex. Telecommunication equipment malfunction), all operations are normally performed (daily orders, issuing delivery notes, registering a new client/project, etc) and after the problem has been solved both databases are automatically updated and the synchronization with the Business Administration takes place.
  • For large companies using the SAP software for their Business Administration and Accounting Management, the Betolink® Pro is the ultimate tested and trusted front-end solution.
  • The RMCPS (Ready Mix Concrete Production SystemΤΜ) production system by PROTEM has been designed by taking into consideration all of the ISO 9001 requirements. It has also been tested by quality advisors and special inspectors who have certified its processes. As a result using Betolink® Pro, which is part of the RMCPS, can significantly reduce the bureaucracy and the labor hours needed to abide by the ISO 9001 requirements, for those companies that implement quality policies and truly believe in their value.


For the connection with the SAP software, PROTEM GROUP has developed and delivered an added plug-in software called Betolink® PI, which acts as a connective hoop with the Betolink® ERP suit software.

The Betolink® PI has been designed by using Java / SQL and supports three types of communication with the SAP:

  • Via XML files
  • With the use of SOAP Calls via WSDLs.

Betolink® PI is a flexible platform of communication between two systems and is capable of fully managing and displaying not only the information flowing between the systems but also the possible errors that may occur. The final parameterization is performed by PROTEM’s technicians and in accordance with the client’s specifications.

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