Wireless Communication

When implementing a fleet and fuel management program, the cost and disruption associated with equipment installation and interconnection can be shockingly high. Indeed, installation often becomes the key consideration, overwhelming the cost of acquisition of the product itself. In some cases, the trenching and digging work required to lay down cables is deemed simply too disruptive to ongoing operations, and the project never gets off the ground regardless of budgetary issues.

FuelZone makes extensive use of wireless RF technology, interconnecting system components while eliminating disruptive, cost-prohibitive trenching and digging work. As an added bonus, wireless interconnection of equipment provides protective electrical isolation.


Automated Processes

With any fleet management solution, refreshing the system with updates and extracting useful information from the system is a necessary daily task. For example, as employees leave and get hired, or when vehicles are added or retired from the fleet, administrators must update the system to reflect these changes by “downloading” these changes to each remote site computer.

Conversely, as various site activities generate new transactions, they must be “uploaded” from the remote site to the system database. This process, known as data synchronization can become a surprisingly tedious chore, particularly for medium and large organizations that typically operate in multi-site environments.

Whether you operate 1 site or 100 sites, FuelZone automatically and simultaneously synchronizes all sites within typically 5 minutes, effectively providing real time operation. When necessary, the FuelZone system administrator may modify the synchronization schedule, allowing long distance and cellular sites to be polled less frequently in order to minimize telecommunication costs.


Centralized Management

In order to cut costs while conforming to environmental and other regulations, fleet managers need centralized monitoring and control of assets, yet few products offer such solutions. FuelZone was designed from the ground up as a centralized, networked management system.

Consequently, every FuelZone subsystem delivers all of the established benefits of networked systems: multi-user access, data availability and sharing, instantly visible updates, security, automatic backup and paperwork reduction. Last but not least, FuelZone leverages existing data infrastructures to eliminate costs associated to phone lines and cellular airtime wherever possible.


Scalability Options

FuelZone is uniquely scalable when measured against comparable solutions. By leveraging inexpensive connectivity and storage technologies which are already owned by clients in all cases, FuelZone scales from just a single to a virtually unlimited number of sites, vehicles and employees.

Ultimately, the number of sites centrally manageable with FleetZone is effectively limited only by the speed of the data links to those sites combined with the frequency at which the system administrator wishes to poll/synchronize those sites. A typical enterprise infrastructure would allow upward of 1,000 connected sites.



Updating and maintaining software on individual work stations can be very labor intensive, especially when the application is deployed on a large number of stations across multiple sites. FuelZone’s SiteManager.NET eliminates that arduous process because it is a web-enabled application that is installed once and maintained on a single web server.

Your IT department can rest easy, as SiteManager.NET eliminates the need for desktop software on individual PCs. Central management of multiple sites becomes a breeze, as the highly advanced and user friendly SiteManager.NET is accessible from anywhere on your network.

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