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Ready Mixed Concrete Solutions

PROTEM has developed a system  that incorporates the best practices of the Ready Mixed Concrete Industry. The system was built after interviewing more than 200 Ready Mixed Concrete companies bundled with 20 years of PROTEM's experience in the field.


PROTEM's Ready Mix Concrete Production SystemTM(RMCPS) comes as a result of industries experts' cumulative experience, on how you can grow and run a Ready Mixed Concrete profitable business, by implementing the right strategies with prioritized initiatives.


All the technologies and processes in the system focus on connecting the whole operation of a Ready Mixed Company into one common & integrated system. The system covers the gaps that are created when companies use different technologies for their departments and operations, where integration is not possible or very difficult to achieve.


The implementation of PROTEM's RMCPS helps companies to:  increase productivity and fulfill demand √ deliver faster  improve quality  reduce production cost  reduce operational cost  improve the flow and availability of information  within the company  take informed decisions, faster

Find more about the system's components: 
 Batching Plants    Batching Controls    Software Solutions   Moisture Control      Admixture Scales
batching plant   batching controls    software solutions    moisture sensors   admixture scale
 Recycling Systems   Silos & Equipment    Equip. & Spare Parts   Fuel Managment    Dry Bulk Trailers 
concrete recycling   silos equipment    equipmnet spare parts   fuels mgmt   dry bulk trailer


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