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Quarry automation & control systems

Quarries are a construction materials industry sector where there is still a misguided conviction that power cabinets, a conventional control panel with tens of buttons and analog current meters are a sufficient means of automation. As a result, most of the Greek quarries depend solely on the human factor, namely the operator, for uninterrupted production and quality.

PROTEM has a different approach that is constantly substantiated in practice by its solutions and mainly through implemented applications. PROTEM provides quarries of all sizes with advanced automation systems, allowing the operator to monitor the whole site through a computer screen. Control in these cases is fully automated and human intervention is minimized to pressing the production START and STOP buttons. Manual and semi-automatic control is also fully supported.









  • Control and monitor all of the factory through a single computer screen.
  • Fast production start-up and stop through a home screen containing the quarry general schematic, separate stone crushing and sorting lines where available and critical error data. Pop-up screens that appear automatically when needed or manually accessed provide fine control and supervision of the system.
  • The system automatically controls and monitors critical equipment factors such as conveyor belt rpm, motor and gearbox temperatures, and electrical consumption of large motors. The system monitors and records programmed limits and events.
  • Monitor on-line the productivity as a percentage (%) and as produced weight (t) for each product.
  • Monitor and record electrical power characteristics and quality data (e.g. harmonics, cosφ), especially useful in case of power generators. Correlation between electrical consumption and productivity providing a means to achieve optimal quarry efficiency.
  • Control and monitor the weighbridge and the quarry with the same automation system.
  • The system records the operating time and informs the operator about the need to perform programmed maintenance.
  • Automatically record and measure the fuel consumption of power generators.
  • Monitor the input flow of the first crusher by connecting the automation to the DUMPER weighing and recording system.


  • Discard old and bulky consoles with many instruments that make it impossible for the operator to monitor and identify problems in time. Existing power cabinets remain as they are.
  • Fully automated and unattended operation. The operator can perform other functions in parallel within the factory.
  • Fully upgradeable. Software upgrades can be installed remotely through the internet. Hardware upgrades require PROTEM and an electrician.
  • Control and monitor the system remotely from many sites (other computers) through the local area network.
  • Remote monitoring of critical data and production statistics through a tablet or a mobile phone.
  • The quarry automation system can be connected on-line to the PROTEM Betolink ®Enterprise  accounting software to create a comprehensive integrated informatics solution.