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protem concrete reclaimer 1

Concrete Recycling System

Following the latest European Union requirements for the management of fresh concrete residues PROTEM GROUP SA offers complete solutions for immidiate reclaiming of raw materials and direct water saving from:
• Customer orders returned quantities of ready mixed concrete
• Wash outs of mixer trucks on their return from the construction sites
• Wash outs of production machinery (mixer)
• The use of recycled water for various purposes within the facilities

protem concrete reclaimer 2System Features:
• Environmentally friendly operation.
• There are 3 models available to cover all capacity requirements.
• Its a compact, economical and ergonomically designed system that requires minimum installation space.
• Unlike other systems available in the market which their output is one pile of mixed raw materials, our system seperates the aggregates in two piles (sand 0.1-5mm and stone >5mm).
• Mixert truck drivers can unload their trucks into the system's hopper without the need to watch out the feeding rate. (Those who are aware of other recycling systems, understand the importance of this).
• The reclaimed aggregates are dry enough and clean for storage.
• The system is fabricated with anticorrosive materilas.
• It takes only 10 minutes to complete a full washing cycle.

• Reduced Concrete Waste.
• High purifying effect. Approximately 90% is recycled clean water that can be reused.
• Recirculation system of the recycling water by pumping back into the through.
• Simple set-up and easy to operate.
• Low maintenance cost.
• Secured & fast Return of Investment.

  PCRS-80 PCRS-100 PCRS-125
  pcrs100smal 1 pcrs125smal 1
Screening Capability: 8-10 m3/h 12-14 m3/h (Max 30 t /h) > 17 m3/h
Mixing Trucks Number:             1-10 10-30 > 30
Dimensions of Main Body(LxWxH): 4.8x1.4x2.2m 6.1x1.6x2.5m 6.9x1.8x2.8m
Weight of Main Body: 3.400kg 4.170kg 5.270kg
General Power of Motor: 6 kW 8 kW 9.5 kW
Washing Hopper for: 1 truck, 3m length 2 trucks, 7m length 3 trucks, 10m length