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Mobile Concrete Batching Plant PR-M 50
PR-M  50  is designed to fulfill the demand of producing high quality concrete, with the minimum preparation works. The costs related to the the necessary plant's civil works and erection are minimal allowing Ready Mixed or Construction Companies to easily decide in favor to our full mobile plant.
Production of concrete can start within limited time after arriving at the final destination site, provided that aggregates cement water and power is available. PR-M 50 is a unique autonomous construction having all the necessary components such as aggregate bins, scales, compressor, water pump, electric power board with automation system (batching control system) and all the other necessary components for an uninterrapted problem free production of high quality concrete.

The plant is mounted on a certified trailer, is very easy transportable, fully complying with T.I.R. and European Traffic and Transports Regulations (it is not required special police permission to travel).

It complies with:

The E.N. 206-1 (Euro Norm) for ready mix concrete production

The E.N. safety regulations applicable for the ready mix concrete plants.

CE Declaration of conformity for the trailer and the mechanical parts

CE Declaration of conformity for the Automation Control System


Specification Unit
Compacted Concrete Output 40 m3/h
Planetary vertical shaft pan type mixer capacity (compacted) 1 m3
Planetary Mixer Motor Power 50 Hp
No of Aggregate Compartments  5
Total Aggregates Compartments Capacity 60 m3 
Aggregates Weighing Capacity 2000 Lt
Cement Weighing Capacity 500 Kg 
Electronic water meter with electro pneumatic supply valve
Admixtures Weighing Capacity 40 Lt
Cement Screw Conveyor (Silo to scale) Ø193/6000mm
Cement Screw Conveyor (Scale to mixer)  Ø223/5500mm 
Cement Silo Optional on Demand
Air compressor 4 kw
Batching Control  PROTEM®  AUTO-LEADER 3000 PROFIT
Total Length / Width (Without Tractor)  13,5m / 2,55m
Maximum Height During Transportation  3,90m
Maximum Height During Operation  4,80m
Gross Weight 18.000kg
Total installed Power
Cerification CE
Moisture Sensor Optional
Screw Conveyor (Ready Mixed Concrete to Mixer Truck) Optional
Aggregates bins ground level feeding & Distribution System Optional


Operating data
PR-M  50 has the shape of a low bed single axle semitrailler.
For transportation purposes a normal Truck Tractor -that most of construction companies are using for the transportation of aggregates- can be used.
Arriving at site due to the use of air suspension, the semi trailer is lifted (by using a simple lever) a few (approximate 10) centimeters, helping the tractor driver to release the truck from the semi trailer easier and at the same time to deploy in working position the twelve (12) supporting legs of the unit.
There is not any special need of concrete foundation for the plant operation except of the ground compaction and stabilization giving as an approximate 2,5 kg/cm2 factor.
There is not any special need of rump for aggregates silos charging; in case that a Cat 980 or similar loader can be used or as optional aggregate bins ground level feeding and distribution system can be supplied.
Operating position
When the PR-M  50 is already stabilized and fully horizontal, the operator starts the formation of aggregate bins in operating position.
The aggregates bins are foldable. The metal panels are attached by hinges. They are assembled and put in operating position with the help of the wheel loader (always available at any site). The panels remain in the operating position with the use of special pins and additional bolts and nuts positioned in very few points (for safety reasons).
The final result, after the assembly of the panels, is the formation of six (6) separate aggregate compartments for the use if needed of up to six different aggregates.
With the use of the above-mentioned wheel loader the operator takes the cement screw conveyor from its storage/transportation position and connects it with the flange of the butterfly valve of the cement silo that arrives at site with another transportation means. A waterproof electric socket makes the electric connection of the screw conveyor motor cable with the plant main panel.
The operator of the plant connects any external water supply line with the water tank that is integrated on the plant.
The operation of the plant is fully automatic by using the control panel in the form of a very small waterproof membrane type remote cable connected console. That means that the operator of the plant can operate the plant from a distance in a small cabin available with the plant.



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