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Electrical Cabinets for Quarries


PROTEM designs and builds Low Voltage electrical cabinets for Quarries. Design is based on the project’s electrical study and the customer’s requirements in relation to the level of automation required. The first step is electrical planning, implemented trough specialized software. Next, the layout of all components is designed on a computer using physical dimensions so that the all the necessary space is defined. After the construction layout is finalized, the number and type of metallic enclosures needed to compose the cabinet is determined.












Design Specifications
  • We use RITTAL enclosures, expandable baying systems able to implement any size of electrical cabinet.
  • All motor start and automation components such as inverters or soft starters are made by SCHNEIDER.
  • All bars are made from copper rectangular bars. They are supported and covered by specialized RITTAL components so that they are finger safe.
  • The bays are comfortably spacious providing space for future expansion. Each bay is equipped with interior lighting activated by a terminal switch located on each door.
  • Interior cooling is achieved by specialized fans equipped with dust filters. The fans generate overpressure inside the cabinet so that dust cannot enter inside.
  • The bays are equipped with separate cable ducting and all outside cables enter through gland nuts delivering optimal protection from dust, moisture and rodents.
  • All cabinet components (relays, thermal overload relays, switches, terminals etc.) are labeled with specialized aluminum printed labels according to the electrical plan identification. Every electrical consumption is also labeled (e.g. CRUSHER A, SIEVE etc.) so that it is possible to troubleshoot common problems without having to read the drawings. All cables and terminals are numbered with the corresponding drawing number.
  • PROTEM implements quality controls in all stages of production according to its ΕΝ ISO 9001: 2008 quality system.
  • All our electrical cabinets are constructed according to the following:
    - All components are certified by their manufacturers to be conforming to all necessary norms and regulations.
    - After cabling installation is complete, all screws are tightened with a calibrated torque wrench to the torque specified by the component’s manufacturer.
    - All electrical cabinets are tested during the final quality tests according to IEC 61439-1 using certified equipment:
    • Insulation resistance test
    • Earthing resistance
    • Switchgear testing
    • Mechanical and electrical functionality testing
    The test report is printed and is included in the electrical drawings documentation.
  • Each cabinet bears the CE marking to a metal plate that indicates also the model, serial number and maximum short circuit current. A copy of the declaration of conformity is included in the documentation.