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Product Details
PROTEM® Dumper Weighing

It is a Unattended Weighing In Motion System for the control and management of the dumpers weighing process.

The system consists of the following:
• Heavy duty axle scale
• Vehicles identification system
• Control panel
• Weighing management software for scales Betolink® Weighing Station

How it works ?
The axle scale is placed near to the feeder of the crusher. The unattended weighing in motion of the dumpers is achieved by the following steps:
• The drivers are signaled for the axle status (↓ , ×)
• The vehicles are identified via RFID technology
• The detailed weighing data are automatically registered

The system creates the following basic reports:
• Detailed / Summary criteria*1 based report per dumper showing when and how much material was unloaded to the feeder.
• Criteria*1 based crusher productivity report.

• Reduce operational cost
• Increase productivity*2
• Fully integrated with the ERP system Betolink® ERP
• Full production statistical reports
• Low implementation cost *2
• Ease of installation & training*2

*1 Criteria: shift, day, week, month, year
*2 compared to truck scales


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