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Fall Prevention System

Companies are more and more focusing on safety issues and especially on protection of workers during their duties on their working environment. National and International Regulations are becoming stricter everyday.

PROTEM represents the fall prevention system TRAM (Total Restrain Access Module) designed and manufactured by Standfast Corp (www.standfastcorp.eu). It is a mobile restrain system that protects anybody who needs to access on the roof of any type of silo or fuel transportation vehicle from falling.

It is designed to prevent the worker from falling from the vehicle for any reason. It is unique in its kind because it prevents the worker from falling but at the same time allows him to work and perform his tasks conveniently.

Another very important and unique characteristic is that it does not only protect the worker while he is on the working platform but more importantly on the stair where more of the accidents happen as statics show.

PROTEM installs, supports, trains and certifies the users.

• is made from robust components, requires little maintenance and is easy to use and clean
• is manufactured from stainless steel
• is highly cost effective
• Its installation is fast and easy
• has detailed training material
• operates under any weather conditions
• allows horizontal and vertical movement
• is tested to withstand over 23kN
• is engineered by world-leading experts and is certified and tested to international standards
• has compliance certificate EN:795:1997
• has significant advantages over conventional height safety systems.