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Company History

• Founded in 1989
• Markets: Ready Mixed Concrete, Pre Cast Concrete Products, Asphalt Mix, Dry Mortar, Quarries
• Headquarters in Ano Liosia, Athens, Greece
• Factory : Patra's Industrial Area, Greece
• Customers in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania & Albania
• Philosophy of developing innovative solutions and products to help our customers achieve their business goals.


• Company "G. Panagiotidis – D. Tselepis Co" is founded with the distinctive title "PROTEM Electronics"

• Development of the first automation control system for a Ready Mixed Concrete Plant
• Penetration on other construction materials industrial sectors

• PROTEM Electronics starts developing software applications

• PROTEM Information Systems is founded with the scope of developing, sell, implement software solutions mostly dedicated to the construction materials industries
• PROTEM Electronics is certified with ISO 9001

• PROTEM Machinery is founded with the scope of manufacturing, sell, install and support Ready Mixed Concrete Plants, as well as equipment / projects for other construction materials sectors.
• PROTEM GROUP (PROTEM Electronics, PROTEM Information Systems and PROTEM Machinery) is now able to offer complete turn-key solutions

• PROTEM Machinery penetrates the Greek aluminium recycling market by installing the first shredding line with its collaborators from EU

• Merge of the three companies of the GROUP under the new name "PROTEM GROUP S.A."
• Strategic decision to target foreign markets

• Installations in Bulgaria & Romania
• 250+ Customers mark

• PROTEM GROUP S.A. moves to new premises
• New Installations in Egypt

• New Installations in Albania

• New Installations in West Africa


PROTEM managed to be established as leader in the Greek market within the first few years of its operations. We did that by securing the quality of our products and services as well as of our internal operations. We never stopped to improve our products and services and we focus on customer satisfaction offering best-in-class support.

However, what we consider to be our greatest achievement is that we managed to convince the demanding Greek companies that a Greek company has developed state of the art technology and solutions. This achievement allows us to address new markets outside Greece, knowing that we can compete and win over other competitors worldwide.

In the area of software development PROTEM has significant achievements. We have developed the most specialized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System for the Ready Mixed Concrete Industry.
Finally, our factory is able to deliver high quality batching plants for Ready Mixed Concrete and pre cast concrete products industries.

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