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PROKEL SA - Success story

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PROKEL S.A. is using the concrete reclaimer system PROTEM®PCRS 80 that washes, separates and dewaters residual concrete and discharges the sand and stones separately.

The company
PROKEL S.A. produces concrete & prefabricated products for the last 20 years. The factory is covering 15.000m2 of a 65.000m2 land plot located 5km out of Larisa towards Sikourion in Central Greece. The company is acknowledged as one of the leading companies in their field in the Balkan countries. The company produces prefabricated structural elements for Industrial buildings (Warehouses & Depots), Office buildings, Schools, Hotels & Bungalows, Gyms & Sports Halls,  Apartments, Dismantled buildings (Transportable containers), Railways (Monobloc pre-stressed concrete sleepers), Bridges, agricultural buildings, etc.  

All products are fabricated following high quality standards (ISO 9002 and internal quality control laboratory supervision).
PROKEL SA continues the momentum of development with the constant and vigilant monitoring by its managers of the developments in the field of the prefabricated industry with the cooperation of European companies and participation in European research programs such as MOPCON and CEMSENS.
The company aims to design new products capable to meet the high demands of our time.

The challenge
The company wanted to achieve the best possible utilization & management of the fresh concrete residues (from the production and also from washing of the production machines) in an environmentally correct manner, yet financially rewarding.

In the quest for the best possible solution the company shortlisted an innovative proposal in relation to others (which are more or less a common system with a screw conveyor and a tank with stirrer). 
After thorough technical and financial analysis and by comparing the various systems available in the market, the company awarded the project to PROTEM GROUP SA. 

The solution
The solution given was to install a concrete reclaimer system that washes, separates and dewaters residual concrete and discharges the sand and stones separately. The system also has the ability to process the water with an optimal cost and performance, and have it ready for reuse as recycled water in the production.

The brand name of the system is PROTEM®PCRS 80. Its recycling capacity is 8-10 m3/hour of fresh concrete. PROTEM offers for those who need more performance, another two concrete recycling systems with bigger capacities in order to cover all requirements.
The results

The results of the proposed solution were realized immediately after the installation.

 The disposal of the waste concrete and residues from machines’ washing in the surrounding area was eliminated

 Achieved 100% recovery of the aggregates (sand 1 to 5mm & gravel / fine gravel> 5mm). So it is now possible to use the reclaimed and washed aggregates directly into production.
 The recycled water concentrated in the last settling pit is of such purity that can be used directly in the production of fresh concrete and all other uses within the plant.

«The installation and operation of the recycling system of PROTEM fully meets the requirements of the project. I would even say thatexceeds the expectations we had when we decided to invest in such a system. The characteristics and advantages of this solution contribute decisively to the achievement of key objectives of such an investment, namely the "green“ operation of our company, theenvironmental protection and the direct economic benefit from savings in raw materials»

George Roupakias

General Manager - PROKEL S.A.

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